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the i-Direct System, is a cutting-edge autologous hair transplantation system that is safe and satisfying for our clients. We have an impressive track record of more than 20,000 cases conducted successfully by our i-Direct clinics in Japan, South Korea.


We have successfully conducted over 20,000 hair transplantation cases to date


The outstanding feature of the i-Drect System is the marked improvement in the hair transplant survival rate over conventional hair transplant procedures.


Motion Clinic offers you the i-Direct System the A-FIVE SOLUTIONS

the i-Direct implants hair cells that are ALIVE
No more fake hair! Its for REAL
Implanted hair will grow ACTIVELY
Just like NATURAL hair
Dont be AFRAID to go back to your desk tomorrow
the i-Direct is a simple procedure with NO DOWNTIME and NO KNIVES
With local anesthesia, there is almost no pain at all
High ACCURACY with good aesthetic results
the i-Direct offers dense packing of hair cells and natural looking hairline
Surgical time is SHORTER than conventional methods
ADVANCED technology from JAPAN
Quick, reliable and safe
We have conducted over 20,000 HAIR TRANSPLANTATIONS successfully