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The QHR System is superior to conventional hair transplantation in terms of speedresulting in a higher follicular survival rate and better results for hair loss sufferers.


A new approach to autologous hair transplantation


Features of the QHR System:

01. NO use of conventional scalpels or surgical knives
02. NO resections or lesions to the scalp
03. NO need for post-operative bandaging
04. NO downtimeable to shampoo the day afterand return to your desk
05. Extracts follicular one by one from the donor site leaving non-visible scarring
06. Reduces follicular damage and provides better results
07. Capable of 2,500 grafts (over 6,000 hairs) implanted per day


We do NOT use Scalpels or any sort of Surgical Knives


Using our patented devices, the QHR System involves two simple steps:

Step 01 Follicular extraction; and
Step 02 Follicular implanting

Step 01 Follicular Extraction

A specially designed electrical hand piece punch (approved by the US Food and Drug Administration) is used in extracting the follicular units from the back of the head (donor area) one at a time. Compared to the conventional method, the QHR System is able to control the pressure, angle and depth during extraction of the follicular units - enabling shorter procedure time and a lower transection loss rate.


Comparison of (100 Grafts) Harvesting and Follicular Transection


  QHR System Conventional hair transplantation (FUE)
Harvest time 6.0 minutes 14.2 minutes
Transection rate 5.4% 17.3%
Remarks Transection rate (%) is transected hair / the sum of hair of 100 grafts x 100
Remarks FUE is follicular unit extraction
Source Dermatologic Surgery (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery)

Step 02 Follicular Implantation

High density implantation is critical for achieving client satisfication. Using our patented QHR System punch with a diameter of 0.6mm, recipient holes in the bald areas are packed more densely, resulting in a more natural hair design.


The extracted follicular cells are then implanted into the recipient holes using specially designed air suction hand pieces (approved by the US Food and Drug Administration) with minimal cell damage.


Density Design Comparision


QHR System

1 about 60 grafts
Conventional hair transplantation

1 about 30 grafts